We Are Excited to Announce a Major Change in How We Are Serving Our Clients

peninsulaholisitics announcement

Many of you have heard the story of why our team started Peninsula Holistics – It’s one I’ve told many times over. We had a pressing need for high quality CBD products that could be purchased outside the confines of a Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission regulated dispensary. After reluctantly sending people to various websites and stores, and hearing the challenges many of these folks met with low quality product, it became apparent there was a real demand that was not being met. It was a logical and linear move for us to get into the quickly evolving world of hemp-based cannabinoid products to meet this need.

In December of 2017, Peninsula Holistics came into existence. The goal was simple - Build out an easy to use online platform and locally distribute to consumers and wholesalers. The focus initially was directly on the consumer and creating a better experience for those looking to learn and try CBD. We immediately went to work on formulating our product, experimenting with various packaging, designing the website, and building out the company infrastructure. This was a long and arduous project, but finally in September of 2018 we launched the Peninsula Holistics website and participated in our first health fair.

When our first online sale came through we were very excited, but excitement turned to frustration when our online ordering was shut down because our payment processing did not support the sales of CBD products. Initially we thought this was a challenge that could be navigated, but after months of researching and utilizing all the contacts we had in the bank and payment industry, we were left with a solution that was 4 times the price of traditional payment solutions. We were reluctant, but decided it was worth moving forward with this egregiously expensive option to prove that our model would work. We pressed forward, continued our online sales, started to develop a customer base, and established a social media presence, only for our very expensive processer to be bought out by a bank which terminated over 7,500 CBD accounts – ours included.

For those of you who have attempted to order in the last two weeks and have been unable to do so – this is why. At this point, we have done everything we can and have run out of viable online processing solutions. A key component to the success of any online retailer is to have a seamless and consistent customer experience. Without having stability in the processing of our payments, we are unable to adequately support our online ordering patients.

We face other challenges, some that extend beyond the confines of online payment processing. It’s become apparent that the CBD product market has been inundated with subpar products – products that are, quite frankly, a health and safety risk for many. I went to a trade show for retailers recently and was directly exposed to the companies that are selling product to gas stations, corner stores, and local “head shops.” The flood of these products on the market make direct consumer sales difficult. It’s harder than ever to fight through the noise of false claims and unsubstantiated promises. When you mix an unregulated market with uneducated consumers, our core values get lost in the mix. Our team has always led with a patient-centric focus that treats cannabinoid-based wellness as an equal option to traditional therapy. Our products have always been designed to be a pharmaceutical-grade, full spectrum hemp extract prepared in small batches that are third party lab tested. We are just working out the kinks to figure out exactly where our niche fits in the market so we can continue to provide a quality product for those looking to have a reliable and trusted source.

So what comes next? To start, we are announcing that starting August 15th, we will no longer be accepting online orders through our website. In doing so, we are shifting our immediate focus to enhance the level of support for our current retailers and also aggressively bring on new wholesale accounts, physicians, and practitioners. Our vision is to send consumers to work directly with their healthcare providers and other trusted professionals to obtain their high grade CBD. We believe that by empowering health care professionals who understand the endocannaboid system with our brand, we can offer what the market really needs, a regulated, safe product and reliable education. We hope that this allows our current clients enough time to get their orders in and processed, and find the closest retailer to work with. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause, but when we look back at the “why” behind Peninsula Holistics, we think this is the best approach to support our clients, the market, and ourselves. We look forward to continuing to distribute the highest quality products on Delmarva.

- Anthony Darby – CEO of Peninsula Holistics

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