Peninsula Holistics CBD Oil on picnic blanket with fruit

About Peninsula holistics

The Peninsula Alternative Health team is proud to answer the call of Marylanders who are seeking natural medical grade relief outside the confines of the Maryland Medical Cannabis Program (MMCP) by launching Peninsula Holistics.

Peninsula Holistics was established to fill a product gap in the emerging market of Hemp based Cannabinoid medicine. In the past, potential patients who wanted to purchase CBD in Maryland, were faced with two choices: enroll in the Maryland Medical Cannabis program or purchase a low quality CBD product. Oftentimes lower quality CBD oils are not lab-tested and they may be diluted or mixed with non-holistic additives, which compromise the health benefits of the CBD.

In an effort to meet the needs of our current and future patients, Peninsula Holistics is offering a quality controlled, pesticide-free, lab tested Full Spectrum Hemp Extract which will be available to those who are not registered with the MMCP. Our first Peninsula Holistics product is our 1,000mg Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract Tincture.

We are proud launch the Peninsula Holistics brand with a Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract Tincture that provides consumers with a high quality Hemp Extract product. We will continue to shape our new venture around the needs of our patients to provide the level of care that has become the hallmark of our flagship company Peninsula Alternative Health.